GialloTeeth: an introduction

Honestly? Not as bad as being alive.

Honestly? Not as bad as being alive.

This post is primarily to remove the awful sample posts that are necessary to orient beginners toward whatever design aesthetic the base template desires. I understand why these examples exist, but they inevitably fill me with hate. I generally use them to save time and alter them tremendously without having to sketch a layout that will probably look extremely similar to the outcome either way (slightly yellow or grey text over a plain black background).

What are we doing here? I often ask myself the same question when I arrive anywhere. Firstly, I am here to write and push myself to creativity as a way of cutting through otherwise immobile depression. I hope actually paying for hosting will motivate me to write more. Probably not; I am, sometimes, a huge piece of shit.

I guess I should explain my departure point. I'm a Marxist, first and foremost, and my criticism almost always begins with class and reaches out to the various and insidious ways class predicates other types of oppression. I like to think I'm pretty good at thinking in that manner at this point, but I'm sure I'm just as stupid as anyone else with a blog. I guess my other main departure point is interpersonal: I do what I can to be empathetic and outreaching.

It's extremely likely that I will be posting a lot about cinema and other pop culture media. I often find the extremity with which we take these things to be tedious, in a sympathetic way. Writing endlessly on them while ignoring the individual pain that exists in the world isn't super helpful, like sewing shut a head wound. Simultaneously, ignoring how culture reveals and influences the political mind is short-sighted. It's a difficult balance to strike, and I wouldn't admonish anyone for missing the mark--even egregiously so. 

Some posts I have planned:

  • How superhero films have influentially degraded the moral quality of the American male
  • Why A Goofy Movie is a more tragic drama than Hamlet
  • Giallo and the disgust of the late 20th century
  • Everyday mental health and the challenges facing the invisibly ill
  • Art and artist: recognizing the complexity of a volatile issue
  • Why Star Wars might be the worst thing ever

Expect any of these to be abandoned. The frequency of ideas becoming real things is extremely low on average, and I'm probably considerably behind the curve in that regard. Posts will generally be categorized. For example, this post is basically worthless and only here in case someone is rightfully baffled as to why I would start a website. It is, therefore, categorized in "furniture." Other categories may include "film criticism;" "reviews;" "social criticism;" "purgatorial diatribes;" and "fatalist nonsense."

See you at the movies, from a few rows back, too nervous to talk to you.